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What raw materials are rising in the manufacturing industry


In 2020, house prices are rising rapidly, and coal, steel and paper industries are rising all the way. Under the rising trend, the operating costs are also gradually rising, which makes the tax burden of enterprises more and more heavy. This has also led to unprecedented difficulties in the development of China cnc machining industry. So, in this year, what raw materials are rising in the manufacturing industry?

1. Coal boom

Coal prices soared, mainly due to industrial de capacity and property market de inventory and other reasons, domestic coking coal and steam coal rose by more than 150% and 100% respectively compared with the end of last year.

2. Price rise of chemical raw materials

Especially in this half year, the prices of upstream chemical raw materials began to soar. Compared with the beginning of the year, quite a number of varieties whose market price increased by more than 50% had doubled or even more than doubled, such as butadiene rubber, acetone, propylene, butadiene, butadiene, etc.

3. Raw material prices rise in the paper industry

The concentration of production capacity and pollution control have led to soaring prices. This situation has been showing since 2014, and the trend has become more and more fierce. Especially since 2016, the price of packaging paper has been rising every month, and some of the prices have even reached 300 yuan / ton, even the cultural paper has a rising trend.

4. The price of raw materials in furniture industry rises

The comprehensive price of steel was 79.00 points, up 19.17 points year-on-year and 22.63 points compared with the beginning of the year. High speed wire rod, three grade screw thread steel, hot rolled coil and other steel products have a rising trend. The price of sponge has nearly doubled due to the sharp rise of raw material price. Affected by the chain reaction of sponge price rising tide, as well as the impact of the new deal of wood and logistics transportation, the furniture industry also began to raise prices.

5. Freight prices are up

Since China issued the “most stringent order to control excess”, the price of freight began to rise. Some local logistics rose from 6 yuan per piece to 10 yuan per piece. The transportation cost of building materials per ton increased by 100 yuan, the transportation cost of feed increased by more than 35%, the growth of chemical raw materials was amazing, and the rise of coal carbon was 10 yuan / ton.

6. Price rise in intermediate industry

As the prices of raw materials keep rising, the prices of enterprises in many intermediate industries are also soaring. For example, the price rise in the paper industry has led to the price rise in the packaging and printing industry. In addition, the prices of glass, circuit boards, components and other enterprises are also rising.

For the manufacturing industry, the gradual rise in the price of raw materials leads to more and more difficulties in enterprise operation. So, how should China’s manufacturing industry develop? This is the problem that all manufacturing enterprises need to consider.

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