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What are the most popular jobs in the popularization of industrial automation


With the gradual popularization of industrial automation in China, the demand for automation technology talents in the processing and manufacturing industry is becoming more and more intense. If you are interested in working in this industry, the following ten occupations are popular and can be given priority.

  1. Automation Engineer: according to the customer demand, write the relevant automation project plan and procedure, organize the construction. This also requires not only experience in control engineering design, but also familiarity with programming, as well as mastering software design drawing and analysis of various industrial conventional instruments. Automation engineers are urgently needed talents in society, and the employment situation is very optimistic.
  2. electrical engineer:Engaged in electrical engineering design and related business, specifically divided into electrical intelligent engineers, building weak current engineers, registered electrical engineers and inverter technical engineers, with a wide range of employment. In China, the professional and technical personnel engaged in electrical engineering design activities must be registered before they can work.
  3. Mechanical Design Engineer:Divided into mechanical and structural two categories, responsible for mechanical parts design, improvement, reliability analysis, etc. It is required to be familiar with the general equipment and technological process of electronic product production, and be able to skillfully use mechanical design software and programming control technology, and have higher requirements for work experience. Engineer qualification needs to be declared and evaluated.
  4. Technical support engineer:In terms of software or hardware, it provides technical maintenance, upgrade management and other services from pre-sale or after-sales in the form of telephone, on-site and online, so as to improve the use experience and satisfaction of customers. It is required to be familiar with the product line of the enterprise and have a comprehensive understanding of the user group. Today, technical support has become an important part of enterprise product service.
  5. R & D Engineer:Responsible for the company’s specific work related to product development, to develop low-cost, good process, stable quality, to meet the needs of target users. In addition to a comprehensive knowledge framework, they should also have a strong curiosity, like to study new things, and always pay attention to the cost, processing technology, user needs, test environment, procurement channels, supporting manufacturers’ technology level and other issues.
  6. Project Manager:It is the general person in charge of the successful planning and implementation of the enterprise project to implement the management of quality, safety, progress and cost, and comprehensively improve the level of project management. Need to lead the project team to complete all project tasks on time and with high quality within budget, and satisfy customers. This work has higher requirements for individual’s appeal, influence, communication ability, adaptability, management ability, organization ability and goal orientation ability.
  7. Software Engineer:Responsible for software development, including software design, software architecture, software engineering management, programmer, etc. This job requires familiarity with C language, C + +, Java and other programming languages, database technologies such as SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc., as well as cutting-edge technologies such as Ajax, hibernate, spring, etc., as well as other technologies related to network engineering and software testing.
  8. Mechanical engineer:Different from mechanical design engineers, mechanical engineers are mainly engaged in the installation, operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment and related parts. In order to obtain the international registered mechanical engineer qualification, we must go through the unified qualification examination, interview, professional ability evaluation, performance evaluation, industry authoritative person recommendation and peer review and so on.
  9. Process Engineer:Responsible for improving process technology and product quality, mainly divided into mechanical process engineer, chemical process engineer, manufacturing process engineer and electrical process engineer. It is required to be familiar with the product design, manufacturing process, packaging, transportation and supporting functions of the product, and understand all processes.
  10. Project Engineer:Responsible for the technical operation, design, management and evaluation of development or control projects, and must do a good job in the operation, tracking and implementation of relevant projects, control and ensure the necessary R & D steps, and provide necessary support for production. The project engineer is required to have very professional ability in relevant fields and obtain relevant qualification certification.
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