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Three plus signs add new “intelligent manufacturing” of China’s industry


Now there is an industrial revolution integrating industrialization and intelligence. In order to keep up with the pace of change, China put forward the strategic plan of “made in China 2025” at the 12th National People’s Congress. The purpose of this plan is to promote the integration of industrialization and informatization in China, and make China move forward from a “manufacturing power” to a “manufacturing power”.

The past of China’s manufacturing industry

China has been transformed from an agricultural country into an industrial country by virtue of its manufacturing industry. However, the current situation of China’s manufacturing industry is not strong, which is mainly manifested in the following aspects:

First, lack of creativity. China’s manufacturing industry used to be brilliant, mainly relying on imitation, learning and introducing foreign production technology and business model. This leads to strong dependence, stable income, low income preference and insufficient innovation ability of industrial enterprises in China. In this case, it also leads to the lack of industrial scientific research talents and innovation ability.

Second, lack of core technology. The number of manufactured products in China ranks first in the world, but the main industrial products still need to be imported. Although China is a big country in the production of computers, steel and automobiles, chips, fine steel and engines still need to be imported.

Third, social responsibility is not taken seriously. China’s manufacturing industry in the development process does not pay attention to the environmental carrying capacity, high energy consumption, heavy pollution, in order to reduce their own operating costs, ignoring social responsibility.

How to make China’s industry bigger and stronger

Facing the present industrial form of our country, we have formulated “made in China 2025”, which points out that there are three ways for China’s industrial manufacturing industry to develop in the next step.

One is to develop “laboratory +”

If we want to fundamentally change the situation of poor creativity in China, we should start with R & D. We should cultivate new industries and seize the commanding heights of industries. Focus on the development of innovative high-end science and technology intensive fields such as new energy, new materials, biotechnology, aerospace, etc. these industries are the source of other industries and the foundation of a country’s industrial development. Whoever grabs the commanding heights will have the future.

High efficiency is an area with high concentration of scientific and technological talents and R & D equipment. “Laboratory +” can promote the communication between enterprises and universities, realize the innovation industry chain, and build the university into a strategic emerging industry “Jinggangshan” base area.

Two is to develop Internet plus.

The Internet has changed people’s world and spawned many new technologies, new industries, new formats and new models. The Internet has lowered the threshold of information acquisition and innovation, making innovation from elite to mass creation. For example, the creation of Alibaba and Jingdong has led to thousands of entrepreneurial opportunities. They have made full use of the advantages of China’s large population and new market environment, which have stimulated everyone’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm and brought infinite vitality to the society and industry.

The third is to develop “robot +”

The emergence of industrial robots is of great benefit to the rising human cost in China. China’s traditional manufacturing industry has entered the stage of machine replacement. Replacing labor with machines can not only reduce the labor cost of enterprises, but also improve the production efficiency. Moreover, due to the rapid replacement cycle of the machine, we can also seek continuous updating and transformation. This not only makes the transformation of manufacturing industry no longer a burden, but also enables China to regain competitive advantage in the traditional manufacturing industry.

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