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The way out of traffic engineering machinery


China’s transportation import and export companies continue to internationalize, which brings new opportunities to expand overseas market for many Chinese made traffic engineering machinery. Some data show that this year’s growth is a quarter over the same period last year, which shows the rapid development of China’s transportation construction machinery.

In the field of transportation construction machinery export, China has certain experience, but also encountered many problems in this process. If the transportation engineering machinery wants to “go out”, it should reasonably apply the experience accumulated in the past to avoid common problems in time.

High quality products and first class service

The quality of the product is the first standard for the buyer and the seller to trade. Traffic engineering machinery to achieve sales, first of all, to obtain the approval of the buyer. If you want to be recognized by the other party, the most important thing is that the function of the product should meet the needs of users. Products exported to foreign countries must be competitive, and their cost performance ratio should be higher than those produced in other countries. When the price is no longer the main factor in decision-making, good technical performance and product quality, as well as durability, are the conditions to defeat the opponent.

The after-sales service of the product is particularly important for this kind of large-scale mechanical equipment. In case of failure, it is necessary to repair it in time, so as not to affect the progress of the project. After sales service is a necessary source to maintain the image of an enterprise and the life of a product, and also a necessary condition to occupy the market.

It’s not easy to open up an overseas market, but it’s easy to destroy the hard-earned market. At one time, there were many large-scale machine export projects in China, but the market was destroyed due to the lack of after-sales service. China used to export passenger cars to Sri Lanka, but there were some problems in the transportation process, which led to problems in the short period of time when the goods were put into use. This led to the loss of Sri Lanka as a market.

Value Partners

Transportation construction machinery export partners are indispensable. Whether they are direct users or middlemen, these people are counted as partners. In the export business, choosing a good partner is a very important link. The strength of the partner’s ability and the tacit cooperation will affect the success or failure of the whole transaction.

Accurately grasp the lifeblood of policy

It is very important to understand the policy before the transportation machinery products go international. The policies mentioned here are domestic and foreign. Enterprises need to understand the different policies of the importing country on products, the import bonded policies, the after-sales policies of construction machinery, and the protection policies of patents and trademarks of importing countries before exporting.

The protection of intellectual property rights is a very important part in the process of machinery export, especially in the process of overseas joint venture production and sales. It is necessary to register patents and trademarks in importing countries in a timely manner to ensure that the brand and patent problems in the market are not lost.

export credit insurance

Export credit insurance is also called export credit insurance. This insurance is to ensure the safety of foreign exchange collection and credit security of exporters and improve the protection. Full and comprehensive understanding and utilization of national export policies and preferential policies, to a certain extent, can reduce the cost of export, increase the core competitiveness of traffic engineering machinery products, expand the scope of export and export business. When we fully understand the policy, we should make good use of the policy. Export enterprises should provide credit guarantee for each other according to their affordability and policy, and control the export credit guarantee amount.

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