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The “Internet plus” era of full channel mode for potential customers


As a new thing, the Internet has quietly taken root and sprouted in people’s lives, and has grown vigorously. The Internet will bring a lot of convenience to people, at the same time, it can also bring many business opportunities for businesses. In the mechanical processing industry, many traditional enterprises do not understand, which leads to many excellent machining enterprises miss the opportunity and waste many customer resources. In fact, Internet marketing is not as difficult as enterprises think, the core problem is how to make money through what channels?

Changes in marketing system

There are mature theories of “4C” and “4C”. “4P” theory is: product, price, place and promotion. The “4C” theory means: customer, cost, communication and convenience. In the development of economy, the “4R” theory appears again. The main contents of this theory are: relevance, reaction, relationship and reward. With the joining of Internet, new marketing theory is forming.

Internet marketing channels

There are many marketing channels on the Internet. From the previous search engine marketing to the most popular o2o mode, it has experienced the update again and again. For example, it is a B2B online trading platform focusing on non-standard parts processing. It has changed the outsourcing transaction mode of the traditional manufacturing industry, so that everyone can participate and have the opportunity to obtain orders.

On the hook net, the extensive use of the Internet, reasonable integration of resources, for the traditional machining enterprises to build a platform, forming a different from the traditional marketing mode. At the same time, the use of the Internet to enable each machining enterprise to achieve no regional differences to achieve constant communication. Moreover, the attached enterprise yellow page enables users to understand the enterprise in an all-round way.

Marketing is a systematic project

Internet marketing is not Baizhi bailing. If we do not analyze the actual situation of the company, but copy the previous experience, it will inevitably fail. In the face of Internet marketing, the first thing we need to do is to see the industry attributes and find the right medicine. Secondly, according to the situation of enterprises, we should grasp the core problems of enterprises. Finally, it analyzes all directions of construction and integrates system marketing.

At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the importance of understanding how to establish an all-round marketing channel, and to seriously consider the problems of brand efficiency, design, quality, service and customer loyalty, which are the important premise of establishing marketing channels.

Step by step in marketing

Although the Internet stresses a “fast” word, but in the Internet marketing, or need to step by step. The key point of Omni channel marketing lies in “Omni” and integration, so as to transform the supply chain of enterprises from the traditional industrial era mode to the Internet mode and realize the flattening. This idea is not to let the online channel conflict with the original channel, but to integrate the original channel and add new channel.

Therefore, in today’s Omni channel marketing, enterprises should understand that the current trend is not only to sell products, but also to sell customer experience and word-of-mouth, and to sell trust marketing relying on consumer network.

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