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The Internet leads the development of new generation machinery manufacturing industry


With the rapid development of information technology and Internet technology, great changes are taking place in the manufacturing industry with the help of the Internet. Nowadays,China cnc machining technology is thinking of the direction of informatization, automation and intelligence. Intelligent manufacturing has become the main content of the next generation of manufacturing development.

The general trend of upgrading traditional industries

According to the data released by the National Bureau of statistics and the association of small and medium-sized enterprises, in 2015, the total profits of Enterprises above Designated Size in China decreased by 2.3% compared with the previous year, which was the first decline in many years. Among them, the profit in December decreased by 4.7% year on year. In other words, the factors behind the decline of market price and market demand in China are also included. This also shows that the trend of China’s economic growth in recent years has slowed down.

This situation makes many machining enterprises find that they will be eliminated if they do not develop, so they need new development power. The Internet is the engine of new power.

New concept of manufacturing industry

Under the premise of the overall decline of the traditional industrial industry, the high-tech manufacturing industry and the industries with successful transformation and upgrading have injected new vitality into the industrial industry.

At the same time, China has put forward the “made in China 2025” plan. By 2025, the overall quality of the manufacturing industry will be greatly improved, the innovation ability will be significantly enhanced, and the labor productivity of all employees will be significantly improved. The deep integration of informatization and industrialization will lead and drive the development of the whole manufacturing industry.

The platform characteristics of China’s manufacturing industry

Nowadays, China’s manufacturing industry is facing the arrival of the third revolution. Big data, intelligent manufacturing and new technologies of mobile Internet are becoming the basis of changing the mode of production and innovation of enterprises.

With the help of developed information and communication means, the content and form of bed play of enterprises are changing rapidly, and they are more sensitive to the changes of market and technology. They can reduce the integration of technical resources in a short time, and the trend of Chinese manufacturing enterprises with the characteristics of platform has emerged.

Intelligence is the general trend

When Internet plus meets manufacturing, it will bring different management methods and business forms to the traditional machinery manufacturing industry. From the point of view of manufacturing enterprises, these are all innovations.

Internet plus collaborative manufacturing, customization, cloud manufacturing and other production models have been recognized in some small and medium enterprises in recent years, and have led enterprises to upgrade from automation and digitalization to intelligent production.

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