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The development of packaging material industry in the ten year plan of manufacturing industry


The problem of food safety in China has always been our concern. In recent years, food safety has become more and more serious. Therefore, we need to improve the intelligence of food packaging to ensure the safety of food. Intelligent packaging is the basis to ensure food safety, but only packaging technology in China is not perfect, so it needs to continue to develop.

Intelligent packaging has been paid attention to abroad and put into production. In China, only packaging is still in its infancy. Although we can only package relatively backward compared with developed countries, the development potential of intelligent packaging in China is huge.

In China, the modified atmosphere packaging and aromatic flavor release packaging are relatively mature in China. The packaging of gas adsorption can be packaged in the form of general sachet, and the technical content is not high. In foreign gas adsorption packaging, non-toxic adsorbent can be mixed into the resin. But there is still a big gap between China and this technology.

Development power of intelligent packaging

People pay more and more attention to food safety, especially to reduce the loss of perishable food and medicine. This is the prerequisite for the development of intelligent packaging. Moreover, in the United States, the annual growth rate of smart packaging is about 8%, which shows the great potential of smart packaging. Although the intelligent packaging technology seems advanced, in fact, this technology has been used in our life, such as the safety button on the top cover of canned food, which can be adjusted according to the change of product environment.

Limitations of intelligent packaging development

Although, the development prospect of intelligent packaging is very good, but according to the current development situation of our country, there are many factors restricting the development of intelligent packaging.

  • First, high cost is the main factor hindering the development of smart packaging. The chip, printable antenna, circuit and other technologies used in traditional packaging can no longer adapt to intelligent packaging, so it needs a lot of cost to improve these technologies. Moreover, the installation and management of infrastructure, how to place e-readers, and how to retrieve, use and store information are all complex and expensive. Therefore, the transformation of products can not be achieved by every domestic packaging enterprise. The current situation is that manufacturers engaged in packaging industry are investing in technology, introducing talents, updating equipment and materials, but there is still a big gap with the international level.
  • Second, the common people’s understanding of intelligent packaging is not enough, and at the same time, the lack of management in the market, which leads to the unscrupulous manufacturers to make prices, which seriously affects the image of intelligent packaging in people’s minds, and brings serious problems to the development and promotion of products. In view of this situation, the state should actively advocate the use of intelligent packaging, accelerate the introduction of relevant regulations and methods of intelligent packaging, and curb the occurrence of fake and inferior products. Moreover, in food packaging, the state should increase investment in scientific research and introduce necessary packaging testing equipment.

Finally, research institutions should strengthen the introduction and training of talents, accelerate the rapid development of research and development, and transform technology into productivity as soon as possible. For intelligent packaging, China is in the initial stage, and the market potential is great. In the face of such a grim moment, enterprises should strengthen cooperation with research institutions, occupy the market and broaden the development path of enterprises.

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