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Ten development trends of mould hardware industry


China is a big country of industrial development, and has gradually become a big hardware processing and export country. China has a broad market and consumption potential, and the prospect is very broad. Mold hardware is also an important part of industrial development. During the “Twelfth Five Year Plan” period, it is a key period for the development of our mold manufacturing industry. Although there are many uncertain factors at home and abroad, the mold in our country has more advantages in the market.

So, what is the development trend of China’plastic mold hardware industries.

1、 The accuracy of the mould will be improved gradually.

Ten years ago, the precision molds were generally about 5 microns. Today’s technology can reach 2-3 microns. With the increasing demand for the quality of finished products, there will be a mold that can be processed into 1 micron, which is the basis of precision machining.

2、 Large scale mold structure.

The first mock exam is needed to improve the die and mould. The mold is the first mock exam. It can reduce the waste of equipment. It is the development trend of the mould machine. In order to achieve “one mold and many cavities”, the volume structure of the mold will increase gradually.

3、 The function of mould is compounded.

People’s requirements for equipment are higher and higher. In addition to the stamping parts, the new multi-functional composite die also needs to undertake a variety of assembly tasks, such as lamination, riveting, tapping and so on. At the same time, the requirements for materials are also higher and higher.

4、 The proportion of hot runner mold in plastic mold increased.

At the same time, this kind of mold production cost can be greatly improved.

5、 Gas assisted mold and high pressure injection molding mold have been developed.

This kind of mould requires relatively high rigidity and high pressure resistance. For the precision mold cavity needs quenching, the gate sealing is good, and the temperature can be accurately controlled.

6、 Standard room is widely used.

The standardization of the mold and the standard parts of the mold have great benefits for the mold. Its application has a great impact on the mold manufacturing cycle. At the same time, it can improve the quality of the mold and reduce the manufacturing cost.

7、 The prospect of rapid and economical mould is broad.

Nowadays, mechanical processing emphasizes small batch and fine processing. On the one hand, the service life of the products is short, on the other hand, there are many kinds of products. Therefore, the requirements for molds are timely, and the shorter the production cycle, the better.

8、 The life and complexity of die casting die are improved.

With the lightweight development of vehicles and motors, the proportion of die casting die is also increasing.

9、 The technical content of the mould is constantly improved.

With the development of science and technology, in order to meet the needs of people’s work, product structure adjustment will lead to changes in the market trend of mold.

10、 The process of replacing steel with plastic and wood with plastic is speeding up.

The proportion of plastic mold is expanding. Due to the improvement of the complexity and precision of mechanical parts, the requirements of plastic mold are also strengthened.

Mold is a necessary processing tool in production, so the development of mold is directly related to the development of mechanical production.

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