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Status quo of industrial robot system integrators in China


Industrial robot is a kind of equipment which integrates system integration, modern manufacturing and precision matching. In the process of manufacturing, this kind of equipment needs the perfect combination of R & D, technology and manufacturing. From the perspective of the development of industrial robots in China, the limitation of core technology has always been the core problem leading to the development of industrial robots in China. This paper analyzes the current situation of China’s industrial robot system integrators, so that we have a certain understanding of China’s industrial robot industry.

Current situation of system integrators in China

1. Comparison of revenue scale between domestic major industrial robot integration enterprises and foreign industrial robot Enterprises

Because of the high popularity rate of industrial robots in foreign countries, and at present, integrators not only integrate industrial robot systems, but also apply to the automobile industry. Moreover, they usually have long-term cooperative relations with automobile manufacturers abroad, with the scale of nearly 10 billion. At the same time, these foreign integrators also have cooperative relations with the domestic automobile industry.

Compared with foreign established integrators, domestic system integrators have shorter development time, smaller development scale and weaker technical ability, and they often have no competitive power with foreign integrators in automobile industry.

2. Comparison between domestic and foreign integrated enterprises

Foreign large-scale integrated enterprises often have unique advantages in a certain process, and mainly focus on a certain industry. For example, German integrated enterprise duel has a very strong competitive advantage in the integration of coating production lines. In addition, they also have a good performance in cleaning and filtering systems.

Compared with the focus of foreign integration enterprises, domestic integration enterprises usually do not tie the core technology to a certain process, they mostly focus on a certain industry. For example, there are many domestic integrated enterprises competing with foreign enterprises in the automobile industry which they are more optimistic about.

3. High quality of domestic system integration Enterprises

Although there are some disadvantages in the development of China’s integrated enterprises, the competition between China’s integrated enterprises and foreign system integration enterprises is quite different. Domestic system integration enterprises have local advantages to a certain extent, including channel advantages, price advantages and engineer bonus, etc.

Although China’s system integration enterprises in the field of industrial robots have the problems of small scale and short development time, with the development of time, and with the help of domestic market demand, service and other advantages, China’s system integration enterprises will gradually stand out and achieve correct market results.

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