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Six performances of intelligent CNC machine tools


Intelligent production is a new trend of manufacturing industry strongly advocated by the new wave of industrial revolution, and it is also the goal that many processing and manufacturing enterprises hope to achieve. In recent years, with the continuous development of CNC machine tool technology, the function of machine tool has been improved, and artificial intelligence technology is gradually unveiling its mysterious veil to show us its face. In order to meet this demand, the intelligent degree of CNC machine tools is also increasing. Intelligent machine tools have the following six aspects of specific performance, let’s do a look.

Adaptive control technology of machining process

Before the processing of traditional CNC machine tools, the spindle speed, feed rate, cutting speed and other parameters need to be set manually. For the NC machine tools with artificial intelligence function, the data of production activities can be obtained by monitoring the cutting force, the power, current and voltage of the spindle and feed motor in the past processing, and the advanced algorithm is used to identify them. Through these data, the CNC machine tool system can automatically identify the force, wear, damage and other states of the cutting tool and the stability of the machine tool processing, and according to these States, the processing parameters and processing instructions are adjusted in real time, so that the equipment is always in the best operation state, so as to improve the processing accuracy and surface quality, and ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

Intelligent optimization and selection of machining parameters

In addition to monitoring data from the processing process, the intelligent CNC machine tool can also absorb the experience of process experts or technicians. Combined with the general and special laws of parts processing, an intelligent method is used to construct a set of practical processing parameter selection mechanism. Using this mechanism, the process programming can be completed automatically and the processing parameters can be set before the processing starts, which can greatly improve the programming efficiency and processing technology level, and shorten the production preparation time.

Intelligent fault self diagnosis and self repair technology

If the traditional CNC machine tool has a fault, it can only find the fault position and repair it manually, which not only wastes manpower, but also drags down the working efficiency of the machine tool. According to the existing fault information, the intelligent CNC machine tool can quickly and accurately locate the new fault by using modern intelligent method, so that the fault can be eliminated in the shortest time, and the machine tool can continue to be put into production.

Intelligent fault playback and fault simulation technology

If the system can not automatically determine the location of the fault, it must be judged by manpower, the intelligent CNC machine tool also has the function of replay and Simulation of errors and accidents. Because the machine tool system can record all kinds of system information, including the fault, it can be called to see the failure process, so as to determine the cause of the fault and find out the solution.

Intelligent AC servo drive device

It is one of the effective ways to improve the machining ability to make the servo system of the machine tool in the best running state. Intelligent CNC machine tool has an intelligent servo system which can automatically identify the load and adjust the relevant parameters. The system consists of two parts: intelligent AC drive and intelligent feed servo. It can automatically identify the moment of inertia of motor and load, optimize and adjust the parameters of the control system, so that the drive system can play its maximum potential.

Intelligent 4m numerical control system

The so-called “4m” refers to the initials of the four English words: measurement, modeling, manufacturing, and machine operation. In traditional machine tool processing, these four projects are often completed by different operators step by step. With the help of intelligent CNC machine tools, design, manufacturing, testing and other links can be integrated into one system to promote the integration of measurement, modeling, processing, clamping and operation, and realize the purpose of rapid manufacturing, rapid detection and rapid response.

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