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Market prospect analysis of three core components of industrial robot


The strong wind of “industry 4.0” swept the manufacturing industry. As an important part of intelligent production, the market of industrial robot is expanding rapidly, and the demand is increasing year by year. With the decline of demographic dividend, broad market space and relatively low density of industrial robots at this stage, China’s industrial robot market has ushered in a golden period of development. As the world’s largest industrial robot market, the sales volume of industrial robots reached 75000 units in 2015, with a growth rate of 31.5%. It is very important to master the core technology for domestic enterprises which independently develop industrial robots. The so-called core technology and core components of industrial robot are controller, servo system and reducer. Their cost accounts for about 70% of the whole equipment. Now, let’s have a look at the market scale of these three core components with you.

Controller: estimated market size of 1.2 billion in 2020

The controller is the “central system” of industrial robot, which is responsible for issuing and transmitting instructions. The function of the controller is realized by hardware and software. Among them, some domestic enterprises have been able to produce the main control unit and signal processing of the hardware part, but there is still a certain gap between the control algorithm and the secondary development of the software part compared with the most advanced level of foreign countries.

The future industrial robot controller will change the traditional closed structure and adopt standardized and open design ideas to increase the fault tolerance and expansibility of control software, and strengthen the network function, so as to meet the requirements of intelligent and flexible production. In 2015, the market scale of China’s industrial robot controller was about 350 million yuan. Under the stimulation of new technologies, it is expected to maintain a high growth rate in the next few years, with a compound growth rate of about 27%. By 2020, the market scale is expected to exceed 1.2 billion yuan.

Servo system: estimated market size of 4.7 billion in 2020

The servo system is equivalent to the “muscle” of the robot, which drives the motion of the robot joint, and is the functional component to achieve precise positioning and precise movement. The more joints the robot uses, the more servo motors are used, and the higher flexibility and accuracy will be obtained. Industrial robot has very strict requirements for servo system, which must meet the characteristics of fast response, high starting torque, large dynamic torque inertia ratio, wide speed range, etc., so as to adapt to the structural trend of small volume and light weight of robot, and can withstand frequent forward and reverse operation and acceleration and deceleration, and has high reliability and stability.

Servo system will be applied in many machine tools and machinery, among which, industrial robots occupy a large proportion, and the market scale in 2015 is about 1.06 billion yuan. It is estimated that in the next five years, the industrial robot servo system can maintain a compound growth rate of 35%. By 2020, the market scale of this industry is expected to reach 4.7 billion yuan.

Reducer: estimated market size of 4 billion in 2020

The reducer is located between the motor, internal combustion engine and the actuator of industrial robot. It can reduce speed and transfer more torque by meshing different gears. Usually, each industrial robot needs four to six reducers. RV Reducer and harmonic reducer are commonly used in industrial robot.

In 2015, the market scale of China’s industrial robot reducer is about 1.15 billion yuan, and the compound growth rate is expected to be about 30% in the next five years, and the market scale can reach 4 billion yuan by 2020. However, at present, the production capacity of domestic reducer is far behind that of developed countries, and can not provide reliable molding products. Facing such a huge market, domestic enterprises should attach great importance to the independent research and development of industrial robot reducer, and try to break the monopoly pattern of this component by foreign enterprises. This has also become a key factor for the industrialization of industrial robots produced by our country.

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