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Main application fields of numerical control technology in manufacturing industry


For China’s machining enterprises, if they want to develop rapidly, they can not do without the support of cash equipment. As an advanced manufacturing means, CNC machining technology promotes the development and wide application of manufacturing industry to a large extent. CNC machining center is mainly suitable for processing multi variety and multi specification products with complex shape, complicated process and high precision. Compared with the traditional processing method, it has obvious advantages. Let’s take a look at the CNC technology in machining enterprises, which fields are mainly used.

The application scope of NC machining technology in the field of industrial manufacturing is roughly as follows:

1. Box parts

There are many box parts in machining manufacturing enterprises. This kind of product generally has more hole series and working face, and has more complex cavity. The machining surface has the requirements of shape and position accuracy. If it is processed by ordinary equipment, it needs multiple processes to convert the benchmark, and the accuracy is difficult to achieve.

The machining center is used to process the box parts, especially the multi axis CNC equipment, which can complete the processing by virtue of its own accuracy level, high processing efficiency, good stiffness and automatic tool change. In the process of machining, as long as the technological process is well formulated and the reasonable special fixture and cutter are used, the technical problems such as high precision requirement and complex process of box parts can be solved.

2. Complex surface parts

NC machining mainly depends on the interpolation principle. Under the pre-set program, many complex curved surface shapes can be processed, and the manufacturing accuracy that ordinary equipment can’t reach can be achieved. For example, in aerospace and transportation manufacturing industry, parts with complex surface are more common.

Generally, this kind of parts with complex curved surface contour can not reach the predetermined processing precision through ordinary equipment processing or precision casting. It needs to adopt multi axis linkage machining center, cooperate with special tools and automatic programming technology, which can greatly improve the production efficiency, meet the processing accuracy requirements of product surface shape, and ensure the product consistency. The automatic machining of complex parts becomes simple.

3. Special shaped parts

Foreign parts are also common in production and processing. This kind of parts has the characteristics of irregular shape. In ordinary equipment, it can’t be processed by one-time positioning, so it needs to change positioning datum frequently to process different working surfaces. If the machining center is used, the polyhedron can be processed, and then with multi axis linkage, more working faces can be manufactured under the condition of clamping together, which can effectively reduce the processing error caused by multiple positioning.

4. Typical application of new product trial production

CNC machining center has a wide range of adaptability and high flexibility. When changing the processing object, it only needs to compile and input new programs, equip necessary tooling and cutting tools to realize processing, which provides great convenience for single piece, small batch, multi variety production and new product trial production, and reduces the trial production cycle.

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