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Key factors of close contact with industrial Internet of things


With the development of high technology, people can no longer meet the convenience brought by the Internet, so the concept of Internet of things has been produced. Nowadays, the Internet of things has attracted more and more attention with its gratifying growth. The latest report of IDC predicts that by 2020, the global Internet of things will bring about 7.1 trillion growth scale.

Although the future development of the Internet of things is very promising, but throughout the global industrial field, the concept of industrial Internet of things is still a small number of companies. Many people are skeptical about the use of the Internet in today’s world. After all, is it really acceptable for us to use an Internet connected microwave oven or refrigerator?

Industrial Internet of things is still more common in the field of equipment, but more people think that the Internet of things is more practical in the field of consumption. Although the Internet of things has a bright future, we still face many problems. Therefore, while preparing to enter the Internet of things, we must pay attention to several issues.

  • Traditional equipment: in the use of current automation equipment, what is the service life of these equipment, whether it needs to be updated? After the equipment is updated, it has the function of communication. How much time and cost will this update take? How to properly dispose of the replaced old equipment?
  • Protocol / communication: in the device, what is the communication protocol being used by the network? Do you need to change the current communication protocol to enable the device to communicate with other devices? What is the transmission medium in the local environment?
  • Location / environment: where is your equipment located? If the location of the equipment is remote, can it be monitored? Can the location be linked to the network? If not, can it be connected to broadband or optical fiber? At the same time, the overall environment of the building also needs to be considered, whether the temperature is too hot, or full of dust, whether there is frequent vibration ? and whether the equipment you are using has industrial certification and environmental rating.
  • Security: according to a survey, most of the interviewers at the top think that privacy and security are the biggest barriers to investment in the Internet of things. Safety is a common concern. Although the survey is aimed at all projects of the Internet of things, for the Internet of things, security should still be put first. Especially when sensitive data are collected and disseminated, how to protect them? These are the issues that should be paid attention to by the operating enterprises.
  • Employees: with the introduction of new technology and equipment, enterprises should consider whether employees can master and use them skillfully to help enterprises implement installation and monitoring tasks in the factory.

Now the field of industrial machinery manufacturing, has not only rely on the traditional sales channels for production and sales. More and more enterprises are learning in order to keep up with the pace of the times. B2B, the latest information processing platform for manufacturing industry. Pay attention to the hook net, let the enterprise connect with the new technology and new technology, and always be in the forefront of the industry.

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