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Is the “half cost method” feasible for machining enterprises


In fact, the cost reduction method is not as mysterious and complex as we think. Although we say so, it is difficult to implement it. Not every machining enterprise can do it. In particular, in order to reduce costs on the premise of improving quality, it not only depends on the management ability of the leaders in the enterprise, but also needs to integrate the skills of the front-line employees in the enterprise to develop this topic.

“Cost halving” was originally put forward by Japanese enterprises, but in the 21st century, this slogan has become popular in the global machining enterprises. However, at the same time, we gradually understand that this method also has its disadvantages: because of the separation of the production line and the design link, the two major links and marketing production have a greater disconnection, making several important aspects of information transmission become very difficult.

The importance of marketing for machining enterprises does not need to be discussed too much. We all know that this link can directly feed back the quality problems of products. If the marketing link is separated from the production link, it is difficult to quickly feed back to the design and production line, which means that the information fed back by customers to the enterprise can not play a role. However, the disconnection between production and design makes designers unable to find the exposed problems in time, which will lead to the listing of defective products without the knowledge of the enterprises.

The common cost reduction method is to reduce the cnc machining cost materials, purchase, logistics and other aspects under the premise of retaining the original shape of parts or assembly units, or improve the processing method and promote the assembly method to be more reasonable, so as to shorten the time. It is very difficult to avoid the decrease of manufacturing quality or aggravate the tension of supply chain. His more highly praised method of cost reduction is to thoroughly examine the product structure and parts form from the design stage, and carry out cost reform related to product development, thus avoiding the decline of product quality after cost reduction.

This kind of cost building method can be implemented, because in the field of manufacturing, there is a common problem of excess quality, that is, redundant function, performance and quality, leading to the increase of cost and price. If we can improve the level of cooperation between employees in the manufacturing process, especially the tacit knowledge sharing, we can reduce the cost of products to a great extent.

However, the problem we are facing now is how to introduce new technologies, share knowledge among employees and improve the level of collaboration. After solving the above problems, the cost reduction method may be realized.

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