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Industry standard of instruments and meters in China


The instrument is indispensable in the mechanical manufacturing industry. The precision of the instrument plays a decisive role in the quality of the products. However, it can not be denied that there is a big gap in quality and accuracy between the products manufactured by China’s instrument manufacturing industry and foreign products.

Therefore, for the instrument industry, China’s enterprises should improve the instrument manufacturing technology, and at the same time, abide by the three principles of quality, stability and service.

Stability criteria for instrumentation

The development of China’s instruments and meters has been lagging behind that of foreign countries. As early as 2011, there was a record in the “Twelfth Five Year” development plan of the instrument industry. According to the plan, there is an obvious gap between the stability and reliability of the products produced by China’s instrument industry and foreign products.

In order to cultivate relevant personnel of instruments and meters, and to assist the units undertaking special research projects to better complete the application of reliability in the development process of instruments and meters, the Ministry of science and technology of China organized and held the “special reliability training of national major scientific instruments and equipment development”.

As for the “stability” of instruments before “reliability” in the planning, the outstanding performance of instruments and meters is emphasized. The core technical index of instruments and meters is stability. Therefore, in order to develop the instrument industry in China, we must pay attention to stability, which is an important and necessary prerequisite for the development of instruments and meters.

Quality standards of instrument industry

Even though there is a big gap between China’s instrument industry and foreign countries, with the extensive application and the improvement of the platform, China’s instrument industry has also been rapid development. In the manufacturing and application of progress are not small, a little has been in the high-end market has a certain position. Especially in the detection of products, reliability, accuracy and maintenance free and fast and so on.

The progress of these technologies is to make users get better use effect, and make users pay the least operation and maintenance to obtain the maximum benefit and output. Only pay attention to the quality, can let the user have a better experience, can let the user use more assured, safe, fast. This is also the key point of instrument development.

Service standards of instrument industry

Now more and more industries have gone from quality to service, and the instrument industry is no exception. For the instrument industry, the final sales of enterprises are technology rather than products. This process technology is system integration technology in instrumentation. This is the biggest problem faced by enterprises, is also the breakthrough point for enterprises to achieve innovation, and also the key point to meet users.

When it comes to service, it is actually after-sales service, which is an eternal topic in the industry. The ability of quick solution, adaptability and quick response are the aspects that customers attach great importance to, which is also the aspect of competition among enterprises. After sales service is the lack of most enterprises. Therefore, instrument manufacturers should pay special attention to service standards, improve after-sales service level and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

In China’s instrument development industry, we must pay attention to these three criteria, so that enterprises can be long-term. We want to find excellent instrument processing enterprises, pay attention to the hook net, pay attention to the outsourcing B2B platform of processing manufacturing industry, recommend more excellent instrument manufacturers for you, and ensure the high quality of products.

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