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Improving the added value of products to solve the dilemma of manufacturing industry


The increasingly popular overseas shopping has brought China’s manufacturing industry into a dilemma. Property rights protection and the lack of marketization of intermediate links lead to abnormally high raw material cost, production cost, circulation cost and transaction cost. These problems are not only related to the survival of an enterprise, but also have a profound impact on the entire manufacturing industry.

Although the development of China’s manufacturing industry in the initial stage of the cost problem is less than the technical problem, but the development so far, the cost has become every machining company can not ignore the problem.

Solving the urgent need of manufacturing industry through Internet

The reason why the Internet can serve the manufacturing industry is mainly because the Internet can be operated, which can avoid the interference of human factors to the maximum extent. On the premise of improving the efficiency, it has little impact on the society and the market, and its degree of acceptance is the highest.

The advantage of using the Internet as a medium to promote government governance mode and service innovation lies in the controllability of the Internet, its process and risk. At the same time, the Internet is also highly mechanistic, and its effectiveness depends mainly on the policy makers themselves. Secondly, it can better quantify the management elements. For management, as long as the Internet is available, real-time data can be extracted quickly, and big data can be used to better mine the market situation and better control and forecast the future.

Improving the added value of machining parts and breaking the dilemma of manufacturing industry

By improving efficiency and changing service mode to reduce costs, the current situation of manufacturing industry cannot be changed. Therefore, in order to break the dilemma of manufacturing industry, we need to focus on improving the added value of products.

The improvement of product quality is the basis of product added value. By constantly updating the manufacturing process, style specifications, quality accuracy and so on, we can provide users with high-quality experience, which is the craftsmanship spirit and inheritance consciousness of manufacturing practitioners.

The core of improving the added value of products lies in technology research and development. Judging a country’s industrial base, in addition to the single product performance can not achieve stable mass production, whether there is a complete upstream and downstream industrial chain is also one of the important indicators.

There is a technical gap between domestic manufacturing industry and foreign countries in many fields. It is unrealistic to rely on the accumulation of enterprises or the strength of the market to tackle key problems, and the gap will only widen. In this case, we should open up the application link, make breakthroughs from both basic research and development and cutting-edge technology research and development, break the situation of fighting each other, re plan and integrate existing scientific research resources, create a first-class experimental platform, and attract talents from all over the world to join the domestic innovation work.

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