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How to stand out the encirclement of domestic hardware processing industry


In recent years, the development of hardware processing industry in China has been in a low. Under the background of reform and opening up, its economic benefits are far from those of Internet, real estate and other industries. At the same time, the market for the precision of hardware mold, functional composite, as well as the steel performance of manufacturing mold requirements are also higher and higher. So, facing these problems, how can Chinese hardware processing mold enterprises advance in the wind and rain?

The current situation of domestic hardware processing industry

Reports show that in the U. China’s automobile industry ranks first in the world, but the high efficiency production line is to introduce foreign technology. Moreover, 90% of the tools used in production come from foreign enterprises. These are the reality of the hardware cnc machining china industry.

In China, most of the hardware processing tool factories produce traditional standard tools, and the quantity is huge. But the supply and marketing of China’s cutting tools are: the high-end advanced tools, most of which depend on foreign imports. However, the low-grade tool produced in China has a large production volume, which leads to a large number of vicious expansion and low-cost export. At the same time, in the process of using, most of the machinery manufacturing industry in China uses standard tools. The advanced and efficient tools used in developed countries make the efficiency of machining industry lower than that of foreign countries, which increases the cost.

Now China is undergoing system reform, with this change, the layout of hardware processing industry in China is also undergoing great changes. In the future, China’s hardware processing industry will establish a number of technology research and development centers, standardize products, output, and make the industry achieve scale. At the same time, the diversified construction of hardware industry market will be carried out to combine the origin type and circulation type, large and medium-sized, comprehensive and single type, and reasonably match to form a complementary overall pattern.

The change of the current situation of hardware processing industry

Although the prospect of China’s hardware processing industry is very good, the current market situation is not optimistic for China’s hardware processing industry. So, how can China’s hardware processing industry advance in the wind and rain?

First, change the pattern of the metal processing mold industry, establish an efficient circulation platform, and make the metal processing mold industry form an open circulation pattern. Optimize every link in the process of industrial development, form clusters through the aggregation of hardware industry in coastal areas, and achieve the scale of industry. Meanwhile, we will improve the production chain, make the industrial chain bigger and longer, form a complementary and linked production pattern, and enhance the overall competitiveness of the hardware industry.

Secondly, we should promote the technological innovation and brand construction of hardware processing industry, and build one or more brands with international competitiveness. Accelerate the integration of domestic and foreign trade, and do a good job in market development, make full use of e-commerce and network service platform, and promote the hardware market system to realize the modernization of hardware circulation.

Finally, we should coordinate well in the industry, strengthen the communication and cooperation within the industry, and realize the sharing of resources. Each enterprise should be aware of the problems encountered in the development process. We should use collective resources, seek benefits and avoid harm and strengthen cooperation. At the same time, we should do well in communication and communication outside the industry to form a whole effect. We should actively face the problems of trade barriers in the world and actively deal with the severe challenges in the international market.

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