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How to reflect the advantages and disadvantages of vertical machining center?


Machining center is a general concept, not to mention the classification according to the structure and function, but for the same type of machining center, due to different technology and performance, it has opened n grades. Let’s take the vertical machining center as an example. Let’s take a look at the same vertical machining center with an X-direction stroke of 800 mm and a Y-direction travel of 500 mm. There is a big price difference between domestic and imported products. What is the difference? Therefore, we divide 850 vertical machining center into five grades to make a longitudinal comparison.

First grade: Super first class brand

The brand in this grade, both in appearance and in nature, reflects a high level of design. The vertical machining centers produced by them are of fine workmanship and have impeccable processing capacity and precision. Because of the high precision, the output is often very low, and the price is also very expensive. The average price of each set is more than 1.5 million yuan, which is not affordable for ordinary processing enterprises.

Representative brands: Mikron and Baume in Switzerland, hammer and JuLang in Germany.

Second level: world famous brands

The brands in this grade are also world-famous brands, which are familiar to all. The processing centers they produce are also meticulous. They generally adopt small and medium-sized batch production, and the quality control is in place. The quality of the products is excellent, with an average price of 800-1.5 million per set, which is slightly lower than that of the first grade. Compared with the first level of high and low, this level of machine tools in terms of sales, is the real sales champion.

Representative brands: Germany’s demaji and spinor, Japan’s Makino and Toyota Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd., and American MAG and hattingqiao fort.

The third level: the main machine tools of the first and second tier Enterprises

If we say that the quality of the first two grades of machining centers is good, but the cost is too high, then this is the main force of equipment used by some domestic first-line and second-line machining enterprises. The processing center of this brand is strong and durable, with high stability, and also has good processing precision and efficiency. The average price of each machine is 320000 to 800000, which is affordable to the first and second tier enterprises. What’s important is that they can also guarantee the production quality of enterprises. In this level, we finally saw the processing center independently produced by domestic enterprises.

Brand name: HARTING, Haas, Korea’s Dou Shan, modern, North China, Nantong technology, Taiwan, China’s Yongjin, Dongtai, etc.

The fourth level: commonly used by small and medium-sized enterprises

This class of cnc machining centers can be seen in many small and medium-sized machining enterprises. Their working environment is generally bad, and the homogenization phenomenon among brands is serious. However, they can complete the processing tasks, and the processing efficiency and accuracy are acceptable. In addition, the low price of 180000-320000, so they are widely used by many small and medium-sized enterprises. Sometimes the equipment will have some faults, which has a certain impact on the stability, but it can still be maintained and used. The main force in this grade is domestic brands.

Brand name: Mainland China Baoji, Hanchuan, Lunan, Long March, Longsheng, China and Bo.

Level 5: on site assembly

This kind of machining center is not sold in the form of complete machine, but requires users to purchase important parts such as optical machine, numerical control system, screw rod, tool magazine and so on, and then assembled by the so-called production enterprise’s installation agent. Whether the functions of various parts are coordinated, and whether the professional skills of the assembly personnel are excellent, it is difficult to have an exact answer to these questions, and the after-sales service is not guaranteed. Therefore, although the price is cheap, usually less than 180000 per set, it is not recommended for users to use. Unless you know something about the outfitters. There are more and more miscellaneous brands in this grade, so we don’t have to repeat them.

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