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How to choose numerical control machine for small and medium enterprises


With the rapid development of science and technology, German manufacturing industry began to deploy the industry 4.0 plan. Although China proposed China’s industry 2025, but from the current situation, China’s mechanical processing industry is still far from the goal. At present, China’s industrial development is still in the industrial 2.0 era, relying on some old equipment for production and processing. However, these old equipment can not catch up with the processing speed of CNC machinery, leading to the backward development of enterprises. Therefore, more and more enterprises begin to use new CNC machining machinery to replace the traditional processing equipment.

Advantages of CNC machinery

There is a saying that “if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools”. This sentence also works in the manufacturing industry. Today’s processing and manufacturing enterprises, the use of CNC processing machinery instead of traditional equipment, not only can improve the production efficiency, but also can let the machinery use information-based CNC system control, which not only improves the processing accuracy, but also reduces the workload of labor. Moreover, the improvement of precision can also reduce the production of waste materials, improve the qualified rate and reduce the waste of resources.

The energy consumption of the traditional CNC system is less than that of the traditional hydraulic system. Moreover, CNC machine has a good safety protection system, which can not only ensure the life safety of employees, but also ensure the processing safety of parts.

Although compared with the traditional machinery, CNC machinery has many advantages, but the cost of response, CNC machinery is also very high. At the same time, the market is full of a variety of brands of machinery, so that enterprises do not know how to choose, the following to tell you some ways to purchase CNC machinery.

How to purchase CNC machine

Manufacturers: we should choose the businesses with old business experience and many successful cases. Now many businesses are buying CNC machine parts for assembly production, when you can order goods, submit payment in advance, and then pay the full amount after receiving the products. As a result, if a manufacturer does not have strong financial support and cannot maintain production, it is easy to cause the company to close down.

Equipment price: cost is always something that production enterprises need to consider. For small and medium-sized enterprises in the development stage, if they have more working capital, they can have more opportunities. An enterprise in the anti war stage, the choice of CNC machinery must not be ambitious, as long as the choice can meet the current production needs. There is no need to put the original flow of their own into high-end equipment, which not only causes a waste of resources, but also, to a certain extent, the maintenance cost of high-end equipment is not a small expense.

After sales service: after sales service is a problem that every enterprise that purchases equipment can’t ignore. The loss and failure of machinery in the process of use are essential. Therefore, it is very important for CNC machinery manufacturers to carry out regular door-to-door maintenance. At the same time, we should also choose companies that can provide free value-added services and choose products with higher cost performance.

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