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Extensive application of automation planning and implementation of tire automation


With the development of science and technology, the car has become a necessity in most families. Therefore, in the automotive industry, modular integrated transport tire has become the development trend. This form is conducive to increasing production capacity and ensuring tire quality. The technological innovation makes the whole vehicle have new changes, and the competitiveness of the products has also been improved.

In order to improve the level of tire assembly, manufacturers should start from improving the balance accuracy of High-speed Tire movement to ensure that the tire quality is close to the international leading level. At the same time, a new tire production line is being built in order to improve the tire quality and quality. Reduce the tire accuracy because of the influence of human factors, and ensure the specialized and large-scale production of tire.

Current situation of automobile industry

According to the comparison of many parties, enterprises and industries nowadays use self purchased equipment, self assembly and transportation, without the intervention of a third party, so that self quality can be guaranteed. At the same time, it can also combine the current situation of the company to carry out capacity planning, quality and cost control.

The automatic production line in this scheme includes most of the production processes, such as tire automatic lubrication, tire hub stacking, tire hub loading and conveying, tire hub robot assembly, tire hub point-to-point matching, tire assembly automatic inflation, tire assembly automatic optimization, uniformity detection, tire assembly automatic dynamic balance, spot and tire assembly automatic dynamic balance recheck.

Introduction of related processes

1. Material selection and lubrication process of tire hub

The main work of automation in this stage is to collect the relevant data, including the first harmonic value and dynamic / static unbalance value of the bead seat radial runout of the hub, the geometric size of the wheel hub, the parameters provided by the tire, the bead pressure test data, and the storage and lubrication requirements of the tire hub.

2. Automatic assembly process by robot

There will be three problems in the process of tire loading, such as large-scale, long-term and multi variety, and the tire and wheel hub shall not be scratched. Manual operation in the process will produce a certain error, so it is necessary to select a robot to complete this process. In the process of selecting the robot, the robot with adjustable installation speed and safety protection function should be selected.

3. Tire and hub matching process

When planning this process, it is necessary to consider the long-term quality of the existing products in the future and conduct overall analysis to determine the use of tire and wheel hub matching equipment. Pay attention to tire eccentricity, tire imbalance, hub eccentricity and wheel hub imbalance during assembly.

4. Automatic inflation process of tire assembly

The tire should be inflated after being assembled. In this process, the proper combination of inflation rings should be selected according to the existing wheel hub specifications and sizes. At the same time, the changes in production, the time to replace the gas ring and the convenience should be considered. In general, the single ring automatic aerator will be used first in the inflation process, because of its strong suitability and scalability, it can well control the quality and meet the requirements in all aspects.

5. Tire assembly optimization process

In this process, the tire installation process needs to exhaust, so that the air between the tire bead and bead seat is eliminated to ensure the close combination between the two. At the same time, the problem of ensuring the stability of the mass balance is also improved, which lays the foundation for the later dynamic balance and makes the tire balance more standardized and scientific.

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