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Difficulties in the development of China’s cutting tool industry


In the early days of the founding of the people’s Republic of China, the development of heavy industry has become the focus of economic development. In recent years, China’s industrial development has encountered bottlenecks, and the economic benefits are far behind the real estate and Internet industries. In the face of this problem, China’s industrial manufacturing sector needs new impetus to promote development and restore its leading position in the national economic development. The first thing to know about the development of industry is to know what restricts the development of industry.

Taking the cutting tool industry as an example, there is a great lack of technological innovation in our country. The present situation of our country’s cutting tools can be well described by “the shape is similar to the spirit, but not the spirit”. Once upon a time, Chinese enterprises imitated the products of foreign excellent enterprises, or imitated the products of the same industry. Although there were some changes on the basis, they were only in the primary stage, which could not be called technological innovation.

The R & D system is not perfect

At present, there are a lot of serious defects in the management of cutting tools, which have not been effectively solved in the industry. Among them, the management of R & D system is particularly serious. Compared with foreign cutting tool enterprises, there is a big gap in the establishment of R & D center, project management, personnel selection, and personnel incentive. And the lack of industry strategy as the height of the R & D team guidance, unable to break through the key difficulties, leading to the lag of R & D, and the gap with foreign enterprises.

Unstable R & D environment

The tool industry includes many knowledge fields, such as matrix material design, tool appearance structure design, coating structure design, special digital technology development and so on. Any field can affect the change of the whole tool industry. Similarly, in the production line, the lack of any link related to technology will lead to the instability of tool performance. Therefore, in order to change this situation, we need to let the tool research and development system accumulation, effective planning of each link, so as to know the actual production and ensure the stability of the product.

Lack of innovation ability

The common problem in the field of industrial manufacturing in China is the lack of innovation ability, which is more deeply reflected in the tool industry. Many tool manufacturers, only focusing on the low-end product interests, stick to conventions and dare not face market reform. At the same time, they are not willing to increase investment in new equipment and new technology for new technology, lack of patience in market research, too much imitation of new products of other enterprises, blindly follow the market and ignore the saturation of the market.

Lack of supporting services

There is a great lack of market application and service level in China’s cutting tool industry. Although the products of cutting tools are complete, they are only limited to production. China’s standard cutting tools have been in the position of notice for a long time in the market. Therefore, a large part of the domestic cutting tool industry has no service strength and service consciousness. This leads to poor user experience and poor competitiveness with foreign brands.

At present, it is suggested that enterprises engaged in industrial manufacturing and domestic machine tool enterprises should attach importance to innovation and technology. In the face of fierce competition in the international market, in order to keep up with the pace of international development, it is necessary to break the conventional existing R & D ideas, start from the perspective of customers, develop from the demand, and make products with core competitiveness.

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