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Development trend of small motor industry in China


No matter the motor is one of the important equipment in the industrial field, after years of development in China’s motor industry, small motors in the motor manufacturing industry have begun to think about the direction of scale, standardization and automation. However, large motors are developing in the direction of specialization, diversification and customization. Next, this article from the direction of the motor manufacturing industry, for you to talk about the trend and development of China’s small motor manufacturing industry.

As a kind of equipment that converts electricity into mechanical energy, motor is widely used in life and production. With the development of mechanical cnc machining technology, the universality of motor gradually develops to the direction of specificity, which breaks the situation that the same motor is used in different load types and different occasions in the past.

1、 Specialization, specialization and individuation

In the process of China’s mechanical science and technology development, the motor industry is also developing, especially the extension and connotation of motor products are constantly expanding with the innovation of technology. In metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, building materials, papermaking, municipal administration, water conservancy, shipbuilding, coal, mining, port handling and other fields, we can see the figure of motor. Now, the generality of the motor has begun to develop in the direction of specificity. In the past, the same kind of motor was used in different load types and different occasions.

The development of motor in our country has a lot to do with the scale of motor equipment. For small motor, special type and particularity are its main development direction. This is because people attach importance to production efficiency, which makes the development of small motor develop towards high efficiency and low consumption.

2、 The capacity of single machine is increasing

With the continuous expansion of modern industrial production scale, the matching production equipment is also developing in the direction of integration, large-scale and large-scale. For all kinds of rolling mill, power station auxiliary equipment, blast furnace fan, railway traction, rail transit, ship power, drainage and irrigation pump and other large AC and DC motors, the capacity of single machine is constantly expanding, and the varieties are also increasing. This also prompted the motor manufacturers to move closer to the high-voltage large and medium-sized motor industry in order to improve their competitiveness.

3、 Resources are concentrated towards superior enterprises

In the machining industry, the level of technology determines the number of competitors and profit level. From the stepper motor industry, the average profit level presents a U-shaped distribution. At present, the motor industry has a high degree of marketization and a large number of motor enterprises. The whole industry is in the process of integration and optimization. And this kind of market situation has a great advantage for the advantageous enterprises. They can obtain more resources and contribute to the development of enterprises.

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