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Development of ultra precision turning with diamond tools


With the development of science and technology, more and more enterprises begin to study ultra precision machining. Ultra precision turning with diamond tools is mainly used to process soft metal materials, such as copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals, some alloys and non-metallic materials, which has achieved good results in practical application. Therefore, the development prospect of diamond tools is very broad.

Development and advantages of ultra precision diamond cutting tools

1. To higher precision, high efficiency and large-scale development

In laser and fusion, synchrotron radiation technology and research and development of large astronomical telescope, large optical lens is essential. Therefore, the ultra precision turning workpiece is required to be gradually large-scale, and the machining accuracy requirements are also increasing. With the stability of ultra precision machining quality and the rapid increase of the number of ultra precision machining parts, foreign ultra precision turning machine tools are developing towards high efficiency. To improve productivity, we generally start from two aspects: increasing the spindle speed and feed speed, and shortening the starting and stopping time of the spindle.

2. The computer compensation technology is used to improve the machining accuracy

All kinds of related parameters which lead to the decline of machining accuracy are measured in advance. Through calculation, processing and compensation, the precision higher than that of machine tool can be obtained. This development trend has been paid more and more attention. It is limited to improve the machining accuracy only by improving the accuracy of reference elements. For example, the straightness of the guide rail of some ultra precision machine tools has reached 0.025/1000000, and it is difficult to improve the accuracy. The computer compensation method is needed to solve the problem.

3. Integration of processing and measurement

The components of ultra precision machining machine tools have high precision. If equipped with some appropriate instruments or taking certain measures, they can be used as measuring devices. In this way, processing and measurement can be combined to realize the integration of processing and measurement and improve economic benefits.

4. Development of modular ultra precision lathe

The use of different ultra precision machine tool elements, components, the formation of various types of ultra precision lathe, is conducive to reducing costs, shorten the manufacturing cycle, users can put forward requirements according to the needs, at a lower price, shorter time to obtain the required machine tools.

Shortcomings of ultra precision turning with diamond tools

However, in ultra precision machining, diamond tools are not able to process every kind of material. For ultra precision cutting of ferrous metals, diamond tools are not so perfect. Because of the rapid wear rate of diamond turning tool in the cutting process, the stability of the machining process is destroyed, and the ideal surface roughness and geometric accuracy of the machined parts can not be guaranteed.

It is generally believed that natural diamond turning tools are not suitable for ultra precision cutting of ferrous metals. However, in actual production, there are some steel parts with complex shape and high precision requirements and other difficult to machine materials. Therefore, in recent years, people have begun to study the ultra precision diamond turning of brown metals.

No gold is red, no man is perfect, so is diamond cutting tools. Although the performance of fine steel stone tool in ultra precision machining is excellent, it can not process all metals. Therefore, people are constantly studying how to apply the performance of diamond in ultra precision machining to all metals

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