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Development of electric valve in the future


Mechatronics is the main mode of production in industrial production, and the role of electric valve in Mechatronics is very important. This kind of valve has many advantages. Compared with the traditional valve, it is more energy-saving, safer and more reliable. In the promotion of environmental protection and sustainable development today, electric valve is indispensable. However, in the face of modern machining market, the requirements of electric valves are becoming higher and higher.

Advantages of electric valve

Electric valve is an important part of mechanical equipment, which is widely used in petroleum, electric power, chemical industry, nuclear energy, metallurgy, light industry, food and so on. Electric valve has the characteristics of easy assembly and low failure, which is more in line with the requirements of the industry than the general valve, and is the first choice in the industry.

At the same time, the electric valve is driven by motor, which is easy to install. It can be installed according to the original line of the factory, saving other costs. And the motor drive can make the valve open and close more smoothly, avoid the instantaneous impulse force is too large, greatly reduce the frequency of fault.

Application of electric valve

Valve is closely related to our life, we can see the figure of valve in various industries. In the petrochemical industry, API standard gate valve, globe valve and check valve are mainly used. In the power sector, valves are mainly used high-temperature pressure gate valve, check valve and part of the low-pressure butterfly valve of water supply and drainage valve. In the chemical industry, stainless steel gate valve and check valve are mainly used. Close to the industry, the use of low-pressure large diameter butterfly valve, oxygen stop valve more. In the urban construction department, the low-pressure valve is used, the middle line butterfly valve is mainly used in the building construction, and the metal seal butterfly valve is mainly used in the urban heating, which shows the importance of the valve in life.

Development prospect of electric valve

Electric valve is a new variety in valve industry, so its market prospect is very broad. At the same time, electric valve can also drive other industries. For example, the foundry industry takes advantage of the rapid development of the electric valve industry, provides qualified casting parts, obtains new R & D and production power, and develops together with the electric valve industry.

Industrial manufacturing industry is developing all the time. With the change of market trend, electric valve is also changing according to the market situation. With the development of oil field, the electric power industry develops from thermal power below 300 MW to thermal power and nuclear power above 30 kW. The electric valve products should also be changed according to the application field changes in parameters and performance.

A large number of low-pressure valves used in urban construction system will develop towards environmental protection and energy-saving in the near future. From the past low-pressure special gate valve to the environmental protection balance valve, rubber plate valve and metal seal butterfly valve, oil and gas transmission engineering will develop to pipeline, which is a broad market for valves.

In the future, the power station will develop towards large scale. This requires a large number of large diameter and high-pressure safety valves and pressure relief valves, as well as fast opening and closing of electric valves. According to the needs of engineering, the supply of electric valve has a single variety, and is developing towards the direction of diversification, variety and specification. There is a growing need for electric valve manufacturers to produce.

In the future market, the future electric valve will continue to develop. With the update of science and technology, the electric valve will develop towards the direction of high-tech content, high corrosion and long life.

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