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CNC machining enterprises should know these things


With the rapid development of manufacturing technology in China, more and more enterprises begin to introduce numerical control technology, which makes the mechanical processing enterprises get rid of the shackles of traditional processing mode. However, with the increase of people’s personalized demand, it can be predicted that the future CNC machining technology will develop in the following directions.

1. High speed, high precision direction

For mechanical processing, speed and precision are two important indicators to measure CNC machining technology, which will directly affect the quality of products, production cycle and the comprehensive competitiveness of the market.

In terms of processing speed, large capacity automatic tool changer magazine and automatic worktable exchange device will become the basic configuration. At the same time, with the development of CNC technology towards flexibility, the integration of various functions (automatic loading and unloading of workpiece, automatic positioning, automatic measurement and compensation, etc.) will further improve the processing speed.

With the development of NC technology, the precision of NC machining will be improved from 10.0-5 micron to 10.0-5 micron.

2. Intelligent direction

With the continuous penetration and development of artificial intelligence technology in various fields, the development of numerical control system to intelligent direction has become a trend. In the new CNC system, it has the functions of adaptive control, remote sensing control, automatic recognition, dynamic compensation, intelligent diagnosis and intelligent monitoring, which will become the development direction of intelligent CNC machining technology. The maturity of these technologies makes it possible for CNC machine tools to identify product drawings and process according to natural language commands.

3. Direction of high reliability

The reliability of NC machining is one of the focuses that most users pay attention to. It is embodied in the servo drive of CNC system. Therefore, the adoption of super large scale special chip with higher integration, intelligent protection device for automatic diagnosis and recovery of normal function, modularization, standardization, generalization and systematization of various hardware structures will ensure the reliability of CNC equipment The main means.

4. Direction of digital factory

In recent years, digital factory has become a popular word in the manufacturing industry. Digital factory refers to the unified management of data scattered in various departments, as well as the integration of hardware such as CNC machine tools, tool setting instruments and measuring instruments to form a solution integrating multiple functions. The network integration of NC machining technology can meet the requirements of flexible production line, flexible manufacturing system and manufacturing enterprises for information integration.

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