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Cloud computing is a new assistant for manufacturing enterprises


Many people don’t know much about cloud computing, and they don’t know what role cloud computing plays in the manufacturing industry. However, after some practical applications, we can understand that cloud solution is the quickest and most economical way to make quick decisions. As for the use of cloud computing in machining enterprises, there is still a lot of controversy, among which the most important issue is the cost.

With the development of science and technology and the widespread use of cloud computing, many providers of cloud computing services have reduced the operating costs of cloud computing, which allows many small and medium-sized enterprises to use cloud computing without burden. Therefore, the company has the following situations, which can be solved by using cloud computing.

1. Mergers and acquisitions

For many manufacturing enterprises, the pressure of revenue growth makes merger and acquisition strategy inevitable. At this point, we need more data for analysis, induction and collation. Smooth and rapid integration is the basis of successful merger and expansion policy.

2. Spin off

The problems of spin off are the opposite of mergers and acquisitions. When the parent company’s IT resources no longer exist, independent companies should quickly take measures to blank it functions. At this time, the use of cloud computing, not only does not increase the cost, but also avoids the trouble of building a new IT organization from scratch.

3. Offshore, nearshore and backflow

Economic pressure will make the company develop overseas business. Cloud computing can make manufacturing enterprises arrange computer resources reasonably, which can meet the requirements of different regions economically and quickly.

4. Two tier corporate structure

Many of the parent companies of manufacturing enterprises are large enterprises. Their processing systems include transaction processing system, enterprise resource planning and financial management applications, which can provide financial functions. In order to meet the other requirements of manufacturing enterprises, it is necessary to carry out expensive customized services. Therefore, using cloud computing at this time can effectively save costs for enterprises.

5. Strategic Alliance

In the field of industrial manufacturing, if you want to quickly meet the needs of customers, or want to carry out rapid innovation, you can’t fight alone. It is important to need a reliable partner. Establishing alliances or cooperation with companies in other industrial fields can better deal with the risks in the development of the company.

6. Special engineering

In today’s high-speed development of science and technology today, leading can “eat all”, the emergence of viral marketing and instant messaging, all need enterprises to respond quickly, so as to obtain competitive advantage. At this time, using cloud technology can make the work completed ahead of time, shorten the project progress, and improve the production efficiency.

7. Test environment

Testing is very important for a new product. In order to improve the efficiency, cloud computing can be selected to complete the test, improve the speed of the test, and reduce the redundant hardware, facilities and support system generated by speed measurement.

8. Company expansion

In order to reduce the cost of transportation, but also to meet the growing needs of customers, many companies began to build new companies, new factory facilities. Manufacturing enterprises must complete the reform policy as soon as possible and accept the new strategy faster than before. Cloud computing is the fastest and most economical way to make a decision as soon as possible.

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