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China’s industrial upgrading is no longer a “follow model”


China’s manufacturing industry is now facing an important problem is “big but not strong”, which is reflected in “made in China 2025”. In “made in China 2025”, the “strong” of “big but not strong” mainly refers to “world advanced level”. In the past, China cnc machining industry relied on the introduction of foreign resources and the development of industry with foreign technology. This situation has made China’s industrial manufacturing level lower than the advanced level of the world. Therefore, the proposal of “made in China 2025” provides us with the development direction.

For China’s backward industrial country, it is necessary to take advanced technology as the early catch-up goal. At that time, China’s industrial development was mainly on the “introduction, digestion and absorption”. Along the industrial chain built by introducing technology, we identified the “core technologies” that restricted Chinese enterprises to obtain higher added value, and then localized these technologies.

The premise of localization is that the technology to be imported needs to be mature and stable for a long time, that is, the product or system structure will not undergo subversive changes in a short period of time.

However, this situation is impossible to achieve in the advanced international market. With the development of information and communication technology, the continuous expansion of electronic control and computer-aided technology in traditional industries, some traditional industries even develop a new technological track driven by new technologies.

Because of this situation, the adoption of “follow-up model” makes the industry at the bottom of the global value chain for a long time, and will be isolated from the industry’s ruthless technology and the underlying key technology. This kind of situation not only appears in China, but also in the international industry competition. It is very common for countries and industries that have fallen behind because of this “follow-up model”.

This also reflects the defects of the “following mode”: out of superstition on the industrial division and performance advantages of the leader, “follower” often regards the current state of the leader as the only development direction, and even automatically gives up the opportunity to master the direction of industrial development and technological progress.

In this case, once there is a significant change in direction, “followers” will ignore their systematic differences in social, economic and industrial bases in order to catch up with “models”, and even ignore and deny their own uniqueness and advantages. As a result, they will be “thrown away” by advanced technologies.

Therefore, this fact tells us that if China wants to develop industrial intelligence by “following mode”, and then imitate the western “machine for human”, it needs to go through in-depth research and discussion to confirm whether this development mode conforms to the development law of China’s industry.

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