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Can wearable devices help manufacturing


In the past, we only saw the emergence of wearable devices in American blockbusters, but with the development of technology, wearable devices have gradually been reflected in our lives. However, few people connect wearable devices with the manufacturing industry. In fact, in the industrial cnc manufacturing industry, wearable devices are the easiest to stand out and play a role. If used properly, it can also effectively improve the production efficiency.

Wearable device manufacturing scene

Now wearable devices have just been put into use, and there are many problems, but this does not let us ignore its value.

We can imagine that in a busy production workshop, the smart bracelet can automatically check in and guide employees back to work. It can also remotely guide employees to work, and give timely alarm for wrong operation. Moreover, the staff can communicate with the leaders in time for the problems in the work, so as to reduce the communication troubles.

For managers, they can timely and quickly understand the production situation, energy consumption and scrap rate, and timely adjust the production strategy. At the same time, for some unexpected abnormal situations, managers can grasp the situation at the first time, deploy employees, and reduce the time cost.

Wearable devices also have the advantage of freeing their hands, allowing employees to focus more on their work, and no longer being affected by chores. The promotion of wearable devices in the production field is easier than that in the field of consumption. Under the condition of privacy, operators carry wearable devices to make managers understand their work and efficiency better.

Wearable technology can bring fundamental changes to machine operation, or at least supplement the concept of machine operation.

The status quo of wearable devices in manufacturing industry

Although we are very optimistic about wearable devices, and there are countless scenarios that can be used in the manufacturing industry, only a few people have realized the application of wearable devices in the manufacturing industry.

According to the survey of relevant organizations, nearly 55% of Asian manufacturing enterprises feel that they will adopt Internet of things devices in the coming year, but they do not know about wearable devices. In the IT industry, 48% of enterprises think that wearable devices can reduce the risk of individual consumers, and 30% think that wearable devices can reduce the risk of operators in the industrial field.

How can we understand the development of wearable technology and manufacturing in the future? Let’s wait and see.

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