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Bright future and development direction of domestic valve industry


In China’s industrial development, the production and manufacturing of valve equipment is a very promising industry. Driven by large-scale urban construction, technological innovation and industrial development, the valve industry is also developing towards high-end, internationalization and modernization. This is the direction of the development of China’s valve industry.

The development of valve products should start from the following aspects:

  1. Cast steel valve: this kind of valve is mainly used in oil fields and power departments. China’s oil production has been transformed from inland oil fields to offshore oil fields. At the same time, the power industry has also developed from thermal power below 300000 kW to thermal power, hydropower and nuclear power above 300000 kW. In order to adapt to this situation, the valve industry also needs the development of related technology.
  2. Low pressure valve: mainly used in urban construction system, now advocating energy saving and emission reduction, so the valve industry should also comply with the trend of the times, and want to develop energy-saving and environmental protection. The low-pressure iron gate valve used in the past is transiting to balance valve, rubber plate valve, metal seal butterfly valve and middle line sealing butterfly valve. At the same time, with the development of oil and gas pipelines, the demand for this kind of valve increases gradually.
  3. Steam trap: another aspect of energy development is energy saving. The development of steam trap should be developed and produced towards the highest coefficient of critical or supercritical.
  4. Safety valve: this kind of valve is widely used in the construction of power station, generally need large diameter and fast open and close valve.
  5. Multi specification valve: with the complexity of the project, people’s requirements for bearings are also higher and higher. From the development of single brand to multiple varieties and specifications, the valves required by a project can be provided by one manufacturer.

Pump and valve enterprises should clearly understand the status quo of the industry, optimize their own products, and build their own competitive strength. At the same time, it is necessary to increase the awareness of suffering and strengthen the market service concept of enterprises. Only by following the principles of stability, rapidity and refinement can we have a place in such a competitive industry.

In the era of rapid development of modernization, the rapid development of information technology makes enterprises constantly increase the number of competitors in products, there is severe competition in the industry, but things have advantages and disadvantages, this situation is very helpful for an enterprise. Only by making efforts to improve the quality of products and services, can we improve the quality of products.

As a manufacturing enterprise, we want to measure whether it has advanced nature and whether it has competitiveness. So we need to keep ahead of the competitors, technological innovation and product quality control. Only by doing these two aspects well can we make our products valuable and competitive and avoid being submerged in the tide of the industry.

Although the prospect of domestic valve equipment market is very good, but the road of development is still tortuous, so valve manufacturers should continue to innovate, build core competitiveness, and at the same time to open up new markets, so as to obtain production and development in the tide of increasingly fierce competition.

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