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Another embodiment of craftsman spirit laser processing


Nowadays, people are advocating the spirit of craftsmanship, which is because everyone needs the spirit of craftsmen to refine their products. It is this spirit that improves the accuracy of products and enables people to use high-quality products. Many people think that craftsmanship spirit can only be used for manual processing, in fact, it is not. In machining, there is a craft that can also achieve craftsmanship spirit, that is laser processing.

Laser processing was born in 1963. Because of its advantages of less cutting, good precision and high degree of automation, it is widely used in machining production. Laser cutting refers to the processing of metal or non-metallic materials with high-energy laser beam. According to different mechanisms, it can be divided into two categories: one is the process of using materials to absorb laser energy, such as cutting, welding, drilling and surface heat treatment. The other is the process using photochemical reaction and accompanying thermal effect, such as laser etching, doping and oxidation.

In practical production, laser processing is mainly used for cutting, welding and surface modification, which has many advantages

  • 1. High precision: the laser beam can be focused, and the focused laser beam is a very small spot, which can make the processing achieve high precision, and the thermal deformation of the workpiece is small. When cutting, the slit width is very small.
  • 2. Avoid pollution: laser processing does not have direct mechanical contact with the workpiece, so it will not produce environmental pollution in the process of machining and gas processing. It can also realize precision machining in special environment.
  • 3. Strong penetrability: because the laser will not be weakened by other factors when passing through the air, it can be processed in various environments or completed in vacuum. Moreover, it can penetrate the workpiece shell directly to the interior for some special processing.
  • 4. A wide range of processing: laser processing can not only be used for the processing of general materials, but also for some extremely hard, extremely brittle and high melting point materials. For the realization of automation, improve production efficiency, improve accuracy and other aspects of great help, therefore, laser processing than other processing has better economic benefits.
  • 5. Laser welding does not need solder: this kind of welding can effectively avoid pollution, for some products with strict requirements, such as: medical equipment, food utensils, etc.

With the development of science and technology, laser processing is also advancing. People see the advantages of laser processing, in the future will be more vigorously develop and promote laser processing technology.

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