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Analyze the working principle of fully automatic CNC lathes and the CNC functions of machining


The fully automatic CNC lathe has automatic processing, fast processing speed, and complex parts can be processed and formed at one time. The processing accuracy is accurate and reliable. It can carry out the outer circle, spherical surface, conical surface, arc surface, step, slotting, embossing, drilling, and tapping. , Die, cutting and other procedures, the whole process can be completed by cnc machining and die casting.

Full-automatic CNC lathe is a high-performance, high-precision, low-noise walk-through machine tool. It is an automatic processing machine tool that controls the processing program through a CNC operator system.

There are also some hydraulic automatic lathes, pneumatic automatic lathes, and walking type automatic lathes. The basic core is that the same product can be automatically processed for a long time after certain settings and adjustments.

All controls are realized by microcomputer programming. Use the operation panel knob mode or button setting mode to select various program operation modes and various operation parameters. The control system has self-diagnosis and perfect alarm function.

Fully automatic CNC lathes are especially suitable for the processing and manufacturing of precision parts such as copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, plastics, etc., and are suitable for instruments, watches, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, glasses, stationery, hardware sanitary ware, electronic parts, connectors, computers, mobile phones, The mechanical and electrical, military and other industries process parts in batches, especially the more complex parts.

The operating principle of the fully automatic CNC lathe is:

The computer in the fully automatic numerical control lathe equipment performs a series of processing on the information recorded by the input equipment in the digital and character encoding method, and then declares instructions to the machine tool spindle and feed actuators through the servo system and programmable controller. The main body of the machine tool follows these instructions and cooperates with the detection and response equipment to complete the active control of the various actions required for the workpiece processing, such as the motion path, displacement, and feed speed of the tool relative to the workpiece, and then completes the process. Machining of the workpiece.

The machining accuracy of fully automatic CNC lathes is generally up to 0.05-0.1MM. The fully automatic CNC lathes are controlled by digital signal methods. Each time the CNC equipment outputs a pulse signal, the moving parts of the machine tool move a pulse equivalent (usually 0.001MM) , And the average error of the reverse gap of the machine tool feed transmission chain and the screw pitch can be compensated by the numerical control equipment. Therefore, the positioning accuracy of the numerical control machine tool is relatively high.

Fully automatic CNC lathe is adjusted before processing, input the program and initiate, the machine tool can actively and continuously perform processing until the cnc machining is completed. What the operator has to do is program input, correction, parts loading and unloading, tool preparation, observation of machining conditions, inspection of parts and other tasks. The labor intensity is greatly reduced, and the labor of machine tool operators tends to be intelligent. In addition, machine tools are generally combined, which is both clean and safe.

Full-automatic CNC lathe operation full range of CNC functions:

Through the integration of CNC system, PLC and motion control in a complete controller, the innovative complete solution from B&R combines the highest level of motion accuracy and good power to ensure the increase of machine throughput while improving quality. The functional modules in the standard CNC package are designed for all important functions of CNC machining machines. Users can take advantage of all the basic functions of operation, configuration and diagnosis of the entire system, especially all axes and CNC channels. The CNC standard measures from B&R not only provide customers with a quick start, it also gives them complete freedom to realize whether the control system provides custom programming, thereby ensuring that the manufacturers of their products fully protect their innovations.

In the synchronization control program with the individual, the interpolation times within the range of microseconds are sufficient to provide high-performance solutions based on the customer-provided basis. The deterministic POWERLINK real-time communication ensures that the CNC axis is also a synchronized clock for all drives and I/O peripherals and a position control cycle inserted in nanosecond precision.

It is possible to access the system functions of the visual component software. The pre-programmed visualization components include “classic” components such as parameter settings and running components of motion programs, as well as tools such as simulation, recording and process diagnostics. Intuitive operation panel for CNC machine tool operation.

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