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Advantages of nonstandard machining equipment in industry


With the concept of industry 4.0 put forward, more and more cnc machining enterprises use CNC machine tools for processing and manufacturing. There are also many enterprises using semi-automatic or fully automatic machines to replace manual processing production, which not only promotes the development of machining industry, but also saves human and material resources. However, for small and medium-sized machining plants, due to the lack of capital strength, they still use non-standard mechanical processing or production for hardware products.

However, with the development of science and technology, many small and medium-sized enterprises also realize the importance of automatic processing of non-standard machinery for production, this paper will specifically analyze the advantages of non-standard mechanical processing equipment using automatic mode of production.

1. Reduce labor costs

With the improvement of the quality of talents in China, the cost of human resources is also rising. The problem of human cost ignored by many enterprises has gradually become one of the important costs of enterprises. Using automatic mode or semi-automatic mode to produce non-standard hardware products can reduce the annual labor and recruitment for enterprises, so as to focus on training high-end technical personnel, improve the professional quality of employees, and directly reduce the company’s annual and monthly expenditure on human and material resources.

2. Improve production efficiency

Automation mode or semi-automatic mode can ensure the accuracy and quality in production, and it is much more efficient than traditional human resources, and there will be no problems such as leave, absenteeism, labor and physical exhaustion.

3. It reduces the probability of industrial accidents

Improper operation of the machine is very easy to occur in the process of machining. Using the automatic mode or semi-automatic mode of production, setting a good program to let the machinery operate automatically, and implementing man-machine dialogue through walkie talkie and display screen can greatly reduce the accident rate of industrial injury and ensure the efficiency of machining.

4. Improve product quality and stability, low maintenance rate of equipment

The quality of products is the foundation of an enterprise. The accuracy and quality of products can be guaranteed by using automatic mode or semi-automatic mode. The production of automatic equipment can be debugged, monitored and operated easily. Moreover, the automatic or semi-automatic equipment has self-test procedures, which can also monitor the occurrence of accidents in real time, which is helpful for operators to repair in time.

5. Environmental protection, energy saving, long service life of equipment

The automation equipment is driven by servo motor with clearance operation, so it can save oil and electricity to a certain extent, and has the advantages of environmental protection and low noise.

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