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Advantages and disadvantages of industrial robots


With the increase of the cost of human resources, China has gradually lost the advantage of a large population. In order to reduce the cost of human resources, more and more enterprises choose industrial robots to replace human resources, which makes China stride forward to the world’s largest industrial robot market. According to statistics, there are more than 30 robot factories under construction in China. In the future, it will be the golden period for the development of domestic robots.

With the development of science and technology, the intelligent level of industrial robots is constantly improving. Nowadays, industrial robots have been widely used in various fields. Mainly concentrated in: Automobile Industry and electronic and electrical industry, arc welding robot, spot welding robot and handling robot and so on.

Compared with workers, industrial robots have many advantages. Here, we will not repeat them. Let’s analyze the industrial robot from the technical point of view.

1. Universality of industrial robots

Industrial robot application comparison Linghu, can be programmed, but also can support the movement of degrees of freedom. Although it is far away from human beings, it is still more flexible for many common industrial automation machines. If the industrial application change is not big, it can be achieved through the robot reprogramming to meet the processing requirements, which can reduce a lot of investment in hardware. However, corresponding to this, its deficiency is mainly shown in efficiency. After all, the special machine is customized for an application. Although the universality is sacrificed, the efficiency optimization can meet the requirements of customers.

2. Mechanical and electrical properties of industrial robots

The motion accuracy of industrial robot can be less than 0.1 mm. Although this performance may not be able to complete some “Crazy” processing requirements, most industrial applications can still be met. With the gradual improvement of the performance of the robot, it can complete a lot of work that could not be done before. Compared with the high-end industrial equipment, it can not replace it.

3. Man machine cooperation of industrial robot

Traditional industrial robots are dangerous in people’s minds because they will not integrate additional sensors based on cost and technology considerations. Activities will only be carried out in accordance with the procedures previously scheduled. However, with the development of technology and the consideration of safety, robot integration has a lot of high cost. We should consider the layout of production line, increase the area of production line, change the way of man-machine cooperation and so on. Through the traditional industrial robot to solve the demand of precision, speed, weight and other automation, it also began to meet the human-computer safety cooperation.

4. Ease of use of industrial robots

Traditional robot, its job is to move continuously along the path point, and receive or set signal at the same time, which requires robot programming. Robot programming language is the soul of robot, so the usability of industrial robot programming is very important. If people can operate robots as quickly as computers without too much training, it has become the development direction of the majority of processing enterprises.

5. Intelligence of industrial robot

Compared with the mainstream market demand for robots, the intelligence of industrial robots is not the most urgent, which also reflects the advantages and disadvantages of traditional industrial robots. Although intelligence is not the mainstream demand, it is also very important. Many companies have begun to invest in technology and research and development.

Industrial robot, has developed into an indispensable part of industrial production. Therefore, for the manufacturing of industrial robot enterprises, according to the advantages and disadvantages of industrial robot production, to maximize the role of industrial robot. The hook nets prompt everyone: in the process of manufacturing robot, we must always pay attention to the information of industrial machinery, and ensure the advanced nature of industrial robots.

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